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Buy Parsi Sudreh Online

Buy Parsi Sudreh Online

Why buy ready-made Sadra?
When you can wear customized Sadra according to your comfort !

  • Made of 100% Tata Maal - Maal.

  • Stitched by humble Parsi Lady with Garian & Tiri.

  • Perfectly Stitched according to given measurement.

  • Free Delivery all over India.

Rs. 300 per Sudreh

Get Free Delivery now !

How to give Order?

Step 1: Fill our Google form Parsi Sudreh - Made to Measure


Step 2: Write measurements in Inches. (How to measure Sadra?)

Step 3: Submit the form. Simple!


Step 4: Sudreh delivered within 14 working days.


Sudrehs are to be worn 24 x 7.
We believe in delivering Sudreh customized according to customer's comfort, so, we don't have pre-stitched Sudreh


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Where are you based?

A) We are small Parsi Family based in Ahmedabad 

Q) Can I customise an order?
A) Yes ! You can customize Sudreh Size according to you comfort. We also take Kasti orders.

Q) Do you stitch Sudrehs on you own ?
A) No ! Our primary occupations is Kasti weaving. But some customers also ask for Sudrehs so we get it stitched from a Parsi Lady according to given measurement ! 

Q) Do you give free delivery ?
A) Yes ! We give free delivery all over India. There are no hidden charges

Q) How many days it will take to process order ?
A) We can expect 14 working days as stitching takes time. But we will do our level best and get sudreh delivered as soon as possible.

Shipping Information​

We provide free delivery all over India.


This product will be shipped via Nandan Courier or Registered AD through Indian Postal Services.


Customers can expect delivery within 14 working days.

For International Customers we ship via DHL Express

Payment Method​

We accept Payment via PayTM or NEFT for Domestic Customers.


For International Customers we have PayPal.

Return & Refund Policy

Dear Customer, we follow

"No Return or No Refund Policy."


Product once sold cannot be returned or refunded under any circumstances.


We'll stitch the Sudreh by your given measurements only. There can be some minimum size differences. For which we are not liable.

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What is Parsi Sudreh ?

The Sudreh is the white cotton vestment which Zoroastrians are enjoined to wear after Navjot.


The word Sudreh is derived from the Avesta vastra; Phl. vastra; Pers. sud rāh “beneficial path.”


The Sudreh serves as a spiritual armour and also gives the wearer a sense of purpose and identity.


It is a replica of the spiritual armour of the Spiritual Beings and acts as a protection against vices and evil forces.


The Sudreh reminds one of the beneficial (sud) religious path (rāh) of life, the path of Asha.

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