Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

We are based in Ahmedabad City in Gujarat state in India.

Can I customise an order?

Yes we customise the Kasti according to your order.

Which Kasti Size is best for me?

For this, please visit our blog. We have made a size chart we recommend you to have a quick view

Do you give free delivery?

Yes, all the Kastis are delivered for free all over India. For International customers, freigth charges are extra depending on the location and situation.

Do Kasti size shrink with regular washing ?

Yes, the Kasti Size shrink with regurlar washing. Thus, we always recommend you to buy a Kasti with slightly bigger size than required.

How long will one Kasti last?

Well, it depends on how a customers uses. We advise to avoid using finger-nails while tieing and untieing the Kasti.

Do you weave Laars on old Kasti ?

Yes, we do weave new Laars on old Kastis.