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Parsi Kasti Size Calculator

Over years and years of Kasti weaving experience we have made a Kasti Size Formula and easy guide to measure Kasti. We have a simple aim, to educate everyone how to measure Kasti size.

Kasti Size using Formula.

Step 1: Take a measure tape & measure waist size in Inches.

Step 2: Put the number in the formula.

Step 3: Calculate the Gaj.


Note, this formula includes over time shrinkage due to washing.


                    ( Waist Size x 3 ) + 15       

Formula =



Kasti Size using Cotton Tread.

This is the most easy & accurate way to measure a Kasti.

Step 1:Take a Cotton Tread or Nada. Warp around your waist 3 times just like wearing a Kasti. Keep it slightly loose according to your comfort.

Step 2: Now, measure the length using a measuring tape in Inches.

Step 3: Finally, divide the number by 27. (as 1 Gaj = 27 Inches).

Yes, now you have a correct measurement of your Parsi Kasti. This is the most accurate way to find measurement. 

Lets take an example for easy understanding.

Step 1:
You have a Cotton Tread or Nada in your hand. Warping 3 times around your waist just like wearing a Kasti you have a length. 

Step 2: Now, measure the length using a measuring tape in


Step 3: Suppose your length is measured as 132 Inches.

Step 4: Look at the table and take a next higher number. So, the next higher number to 132 is 135 Inches. Yes, 5 Gaj is your Kasti Size.


Always remember, 1 Gaj Kasti = 27 Inches.

Both the Laars are included in the measurement.
But keep some extra length as don't tie Kasti on Laar.

You can also measure you existing Kasti length in Inches and look at the table accordingly.

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Cotton Thread

Kasti Length

Kasti Length Chart.png

Parsi Kasti Size Chart

Parsi Kasti Size Calculator.jpg

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