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How to stitch Parsi Sadra

Updated: May 22, 2023

Majority of Parsis don't know how Sadra are stitched. So, we have written this blog to show a small glimpse of Sadra Stitching process. But, before start stitching readers should also know How Sadras are measured? We tried to keep it short and try to cover all the stitching process as well. We also stitch and sell sadra according to the given measurements.


Usually Tata maal maal is used. You can stitch 1 sadra in 1 meter depends on the Sadra Width and the Sadra Length. If the size is more then more Maal - Maal will be used.

Tata Maal Maal

Sadra Measurement

It is always better to have a sample sadra in hand before stitching. Place it on the maal - maal so that we can take cut it according to the sadra breath.

Parsi Sadra

Once checked the size of sadra cut it accordingly.

Parsi Sudra

Once done, double it like this.

Parsi Sudreh

Now cut the Neck and sleeve part like this. (Sleeve part only if you stitching a sleeveless sadra)

stitching Parsi Sadra

Now Cut the Gariyan

Parsi Sadra

Stitch the Sleeves to the sadra.

parsi sadra

Giving Border to the neck is also important like this and also making tirri at the sides.

parsi sadra

So yes, finally we have stitch the Parsi sadra

Parsi Sadra

Before concluding, we would want to say, this guide is a for information and demonstration purpose only. We hope you liked it.


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