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Parsi Diva Kakra - Floating Oil Wicks

Parsi Diva Kakra - Floating Oil Wicks


500 Parsi Diva na Kakra or Floating Oil Wick are used to light diva on special occasions. These are pre waxed kakras made of cork marterial. Each Kakra  can last upto 24 hrs with good quality oil. They use less oil and burn smoke less. The kakra float on the oil.

  • Product Info

    Parsi Diva Kakra = Floating Oil Wicks.

    • The are made of Cork material
    • Pre - Waxed wicks
    • Can burn and last more than 24 hours.
    • (All time frame shown are approximate.)
  • Return & Refund Policy

    Dear Customer, we follow "No Return or No Refund." Product once sold cannot be returned or refunded under any circumtances.

  • Shipping Info

    We provide free delivery all over India. This product will be shipped via Indian post. Customers can except delivery within 4 working days.
    For International Customers we ship via DHL.

  • Payment Gateway

    We accept Payment via PayTM and NEFT for Domestic Customers.
    For International Customers we have PayPal.

  • Why buy from us ?

    Dear Customer, you are buying straight from the manufacturers it means its cheaper. Secondly, PalVs' take accountibility of all the products sold, so, we are there for you. Try our products and we will never let you down. To know more, please read About Us and Store Policy

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