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Buy Parsi Kusti Online

Buy Parsi Kusti from PalV's Kasti

  • Made of 100% Wool

  • Handmade Kusti. (Visit Gallery(not machine made)

  • Kasti made of 72 woollen threads

  • Free Delivery all over India.

How to give Order ?


Step 1: Visit Parsi Kusti Size Calculator.

Step 2: Find out your Parsi Kusti size.

Step 3: Send us Kusti size !


Step 4: Kusti delivered within 2 working days.


Return & Refund Policy

Dear Customer, we follow

"No Return or No Refund Policy."


Product once sold cannot be returned or refunded under any circumstances.

Shipping Information​

We provide free delivery all over India.


This product will be shipped via Shree Maruti Couriers or Registered AD through Indian Postal Services.


Customers can except delivery within 2 working days.

Payment Method​

We accept Payment via PayTM or NEFT for Domestic Customers.


For International Customers we have PayPal.


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What is Parsi Kusti ?

Parsi Kusti is the sacred girdle worn by Zoroastrians around their waists. Along with the Sudreh, the Kushti is part of the ritual dress of all Zoroastrians.


The Kusti is worn wound three times around the waist. It is tied twice in a double knot in the front and back, the ends of the Kusti hanging on the back.


The Kusti is made of 72 fine, white and woolen threads, which represent the 72 chapters of the Yasna, the primary liturgical collection of texts of the Avesta.


The ritual of untying and tying the Kusti is performed several times a day and is called Nirang-i Kushti.


During this ritual, the individual must remain standing in one spot, and may not speak to anyone. If the individual speaks, the ritual must be recommenced.

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