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About Us

Owner's note.

I'll tell you what our goal is...

Our goal is to make the best Parsi Sadras and Kastis in the world. To make products we are proud to sell and would recommend to our family & friends and we want to do that at the lowest prices as we can.


But, I have to tell you there's some stuff in our community that we wouldn't be proud to ship like machine-made Kasti or using very thin Maal-Maal for our Sadras. We just can't ship low-quality Sadras or Kasti that don't follow our ancient handmade weaving process. So, there are thresholds that we can't cross because of who we are.


We don't believe in asking for phone number records from Parsi Panchayats and then sending broadcast messages of advertisements on WhatsApp; neither we share or sell our customer's details. Instead, we believe in advertising using Google and Facebook Ads. We believe in maintaining our customers privacy. This isn't sale of any baugs of Mumbai, where customers buy products and then they leave it all up to them. We take accountability of all our product sold.


Are our products premium-priced? We dont think so. Customers can go and check prices our competitors and add services like free home delivery with customized packing for each customer. Believe us, you'll find they are more expensive than our products.


The difference is we don't offer WhatsApp numbers for contacting us or put small stickers on the Kasti naming '5 Gaj'.
Instead if a customer buys from us; we give them the complete length of the Kasti size in hand for instance
'5 Gaj Kasti means length would be 135 inches',
'100% customizable Sadras made of Tata Maal-Maal only'
with clear cut price tags without any hidden charges.


So, in the end, if you consider the products that you want to buy, add the details, quality, and services that we provide then compare us with our competitors; we compare pretty favorable and lots of people in 14 countries have been doing and saying that now for past 36 months. We weave, pack and ship all under one roof.

We are Ahmedabad based Parsi Kasti Manufacturers shipping our products all over the world.

Serving for more than 35+ years to 2000+ customers; we sell our Kastis at most reasonable rates.

    Why buy from us ?

  • Reasonable Rates

  • Handmade Kasti

  • Delivery within 2 days.

  • 10% Discount

  • 35+ years experience

  • 2000+ customers

  • Free Delivery

  • Eco-Friendly Packing

  • Worldwide delivery

  • Online Payment

Contact Details.

Email ID:-
Address:- Dinbai Cama Blocks, Vakil Compound, Nr. Gujarat Samachar,                                Khanpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - 380001 

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