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New Laar on Old Kasti

New Laar on Old Kasti


Your Old Kasti is in Good Condition but Laars have broken. Then, why buy new Kasti ? Get new laars woven on old Kasti at 1/4 price.


We weave new Laars on Old Kasti.

Cost of weaving one Laar is ₹ 300/-

and for two Laars is ₹500/-

This includes the shipping charges from our end.

(We only recommend this when your Kasti is in good condition)

(New Laar are woved separately on the Kasti as shown in image.)


    Dear Customer, we follow "No Return or No Refund." Product once sold cannot be returned or refunded under any circumtances.


    We provide free delivery all over India. This product will be shipped via Nandan Courier

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