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Zoroastrian Calendar

This is Zoroastrians Roj Calendar followed by Zoroastrians all over the world. This Gujarati Roj calendar has some unique features like it shows dates of English and Gujarati Calendar. It also shows us holidays in India and Full Moon and No Moon Day. Special Days like Salgrehs of different Agiyaries are also mentioned. This calendar starts from August 2020 to August 2021. Calendar is written in Gujarati and English Language.

This Year Navroz will be celebrated on 16th August 2021.

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Parsi Calendar 2021 - 2022
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Insights of Zoroastrian Calendar

Zoroastrian Calendar divides time into Sal (Year), Mah (Month), Aathvadiyu (Week), Roz (Day) and Geh (Roughly 5 hours). A Roj (Day) begins at dawn of sun. Thus, morning hours before dawn are assigned to the previous day. Each day is divided into five Geh In Shenshai calendar, a year consists of 12 Mahs. Each Mah has 30 Roj. Each of these days is known as a Roj having distinct name. As 30 Roj * 12 Mah = 360 Roj, there are an extra 5 Roj which are known as Gathas added to the 12th month to make a 365 day year.

Name of Gahs

  • Hawan (Sunrise to Afternoon)

  • Rapithwin (Afternoon to 3 PM)

  • Uzerin (3 PM to Sunset)

  • Aiwisruthrem (Sunset to Midnight)

  • Ushahin (Midnight to Sunrise)

A English calendar has 365.25 days thus we have leap year every 4 years. Our Calen